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Ndo Champ Biography

For 16 years, Robert Wilmote, 39, lived without light. He had never seen a screen or a phone. His father left his young mother when she was a teenager. Robert lived in a country in the midst of a civil war. He never imagined living a life better than what he was familiar with. However, things changed when his family migrated to the United States. Wilmote life’s changed. He became ambitious, self-driven, and hungry for success. He juggled odd jobs in America, spent time in prison, and got shot while working but he never lost focus. Today, he is a celebrity, inspirational speaker, and personal trainer, and earned the name Ndo Champ. Here is his story.

Ndo Champ, Robert Wilmote, is an American IFBBPRO body. He is also a Youtuber, motivational speaker, actor, and fitness coach. He gained popularity for following after his trainees and confronting them when they failed to follow the diet plan.

Ndo Champ Age, Wife and Family

Champ was born on 19th April 1984, in Liberia. He keeps his personal life away from the limelight. However, we learned from his website that he had problems adjusting to American society when he was 17 years old after their family ran from the Liberian Civil War which happened from 1989 to 1997.

Champ rarely shares his personal information. We could not access any regarding his girlfriend or wife. However, we discovered through an interview that Ndo is a married man. Together with his wife, they are blessed with a 16-year-old son. He has placed his career and business as a priority in his life. Marriage and children all come secondary in his priority list.

Ndo Champ Background

The Liberian Civil War changed Ndo Champ’s and thousands of other families forever. Many Liberians lost their lives and were displaced from their country. Luckily, Champ’s grandfather had enough money to take Champ’s mother and her five children to the United States. His mother had him when she was 16 years old and his father left the family when Robert was still young.

Being the oldest in the family, Ndo had to take care of his 2 young brothers and sisters. They moved to America to chase a better life. On his website, Champs confesses problems in adjusting to the American culture, leading him to frustration, which compelled him to join the gym, where he spent 14 hours a day.

Ndo Champ Prison

High school life was difficult as he found himself in the wrong company. He served time in Federal Prison for his bad behavior. While in prison he discovered his passion and identity, which helped him to accomplish his personal goals. While in Prison, he learned to use what was against him and used it to build himself.

Lack of freedom in the prison led him to do 1000 pushups, 1,000 pulls ups, 1,000 burpees, 1,000 dips, and 3 miles of running every day. All this helped him to develop discipline which became instrumental in building his brand after jail.

He went to the literary center where he studied the importance of nutrition in shaping a person’s life. After serving in prison, he set goals for himself, which became an inspiration to many people.

He got the name NDO, which means No Days Off, from youths in New Jersey who were amazed by his work ethic. Currently, Champ is a personal trainer, cross-fitness coach, and bodybuilder. He trains high school basketball students and gives motivational speeches.

Ndo Champ YouTube and Instagram

He started his Youtube Channel on 5th March 2018. NDO uses the platform to share his fitness journey and to inspire millions of netizens watching him. The bodybuilder has grown to be an influential figure on the internet. He has 2.14 million subscribers on Youtube and a total of 115,590,528 views. On Instagram, he has 1.1 million followers.

He is popular on the internet for creating short videos where he aggressively kicks foods like chips, chicken, and pizza from his trainees to discourage them from consuming meals that will make them overweight/  These videos frequently go viral on the internet, something getting a million views, and have become his brand. Developing this brand has earned him collaborations and partnership opportunities with companies like Belair and business gurus like Brandon Narain and David Omari.

What is Ndo Champ’s Net Worth?

Champ has an inspirational story. He rose from a refugee to become an influential figure in the United States. Ndo gets his money from multiple sources of income. He earns as a competitive bodybuilder, host, motivational speaker, and trainer. Throughout his journey, Champ has been able to accumulate a net worth of more than $5 million.

He is also becoming better at doing his craft. Wilmore had grown from an individual gym enthusiast to a big team helping him to manage his brand. They started NDONATION fitness community to help people start their journey. The community has been widely accepted and more than 40k people on Instagram follow the page, They also have a website where people can purchase their merchandise.

Champs for physical exercise have also been echoed by Jen Landesberg who takes a softer approach and Steve Orosco who is a beast at body weight exercise. As of 2021, Champ stated that he weighed 225 Lbs. His height is 5 feet and 8 inches according to the photos he shares.

Here is some fast information about NDO Champ

Nationality: American

Race: Liberian American

Age: 39

Marital Status: Married


Occupation: Trainer, Influencer, and Speaker

Height: 5 feet and 9 inches

Weight: 225lbs

Net Worth: $5 million



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